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Richard is Computerworld’s Junior Content Manager and occasional reporter and blogger, responsible for making sure the site is full of the latest and greatest technology news from around the world. Richard joined Computerworld from the world of PR, which he likes to think of as like leaving the Empire to join the Rebel Alliance. Richard is interested in open source, new technology and science, and the world of mobile. He’s also partial to all things geek, happiest when discussing the finer points of science fiction or playing a video game or two. Catch up with him lurking on Computerworld’s Facebook page.

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Apple abandons Xserve, leaves corporate customers hanging

How about a nice Mac Mini?

So, it seems that Apple has decided that it no longer needs even the semblance of a business server offering, as it has discontinued the Xserve as of January next year. The company says that it will continue to honour...

Microsoft creates charity mouse for Breast Cancer Awareness

Worthy women's charity to get a cut

Apparently, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Microsoft have created a special edition of their popular Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 to draw attention to the campaign. For every special edition mouse (decked out in fetching pink, as seen right) sold...

Tags: charity, hardware, microsoft, windows

Microsoft leaps to protect NGOs (and its reputation)

When corporate PR turned out to be a good thing

Trawling the Interwebs often nets us some pretty interesting stories (usually involving cats for some reason), but this little gem stands out for me this week.It appears that, in a display of the heavy handed tactics that are coming to...

Tags: acta, compliance, legal, licence, microsoft, ngo, police, politics, russia, windows

Microsoft launches new Windows Home Server preview

Only for the bold of heart

Microsoft has released a preview build of the new edition of it's next Windows Home Server product, codenamed 'Vail'.I've spent some time with earlier versions of WHS myself, and I've found it to be a great, if frustrating product. While...

Tags: home server, microsoft, operating system, os, whs, windows

Trials and Tribulations

A winning combination... geddit?

Welcome to Computerworld’s regular round up of coverage of Microsoft’s latest operating system. We’ll be tracking the progress of IT shops as they get to grips with Windows 7, and give you the latest updates on their keys to success....

Tags: cost, desktop, enterprise, it, licence, microsoft, pwn2own, roi, security, virtual pc, virtualisation, windows, windows 7