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Oracle veteran Martin Mutch digs through the parade of acquisitions, competition and media frenzy which surrounds the software supplier and gives his take on what it means for end user organisations. Immersed in Oracle customers’ day-to-day concerns, Martin and Rocela the consultancy he co-founded help the world’s biggest brands get the most out of their Oracle investments, optimise their usage and ensure compliance.

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Can Sun still shine for Oracle?

Picking apart the latest earnings

Oracle announced its Q2 earnings as most of us were winding down for the festive season and broadly speaking it outperformed expectation, particularly in new software sales and cloud subscriptions which grew 18% in constant currency. Last quarter Oracle started...

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Oracle on its knees?

Software license resale ruling adds to pressure from SAP, HP and Google

It wasn’t long ago that Oracle looked invincible - on the path to global IT domination. It overcame the European Court of Justice blocker over its Sun acquisition after it outmanoeuvred Neelie Kroes of the European Commission; it controlled Java...

Tags: applications, european commission, ibm, it business, neelie kroes, oracle, rocola, sap, software, tomorrownow

Oracle rushes out its good news, but can scarcely conceal its concerns

With a decent score-sheet, why Oracle's sudden urgency to announce?

Even by Oracle's maverick standards, suddenly bringing forward its Q4 earnings call was a curve ball. At face value it could be suggested that it thought its full year results, generally outperforming expectations, were worth getting out quickly? No, nothing...

Tags: catz, hewlett-packard, ibm, it business, mark hurd, oracle

Oracle in the wars?

Few clear cut victories and a long war ahead

Larry Ellison took time out of the Oracle year end frenzy last week and during an interview at a conference, talked about yachts, the competition and generally amused himself. We also like to take stock at this time of year...

Tags: applications, erp, ibm, larry ellison, oracle, sap

The UK Cabinet Office finally cuts a deal with Oracle

Can you beat a 71 percent discount on software licences?

Way back in November 2010 I blogged here that Oracle and the Cabinet Office had announced a new MOU. I questioned why no one knew any details or where the savings would come from. I now almost stand corrected -...

Tags: applications, it business, oracle. rocola, public sector

Will Oracle meet Q3 expectations?

Pressure on after after the hammering it took for its Q2 miss

Oracle will announce its Q3 results on 20 March against a backdrop of missing analyst expectations in its Q2 earnings call. Oracle was on a march for most of 2011 with its tidal wave of acquisitions driving growth and domination....

Tags: applications, it business, martin mutch, oracle, rocela

Is Oracle falling from grace?

Analyst expectations confounded by missed earnings target

At its last quarterly earnings call Oracle sent analysts reeling with the shock announcement that it missed expectations by around 10%, the first such shock in over 10 years. The miss was attributed to delayed deal approvals, particularly with Exadata...

Tags: finance, ibm, microsoft, oracle, results, sap, strategy

Oracle FY12 Q2 earnings call preview...

Will it meet expectation?

As Oracle concludes its H1, we look back at six months of Oracle ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ and anticipate its earnings announcement. It’s certainly been eventful. Battle Stats The combative Ellison has not shied away from conflict over the last half...

Tags: applications, fusion, oracle, rocela, salesforce, sap, success factors, taleo, workday

Oracle Fusion - The emerging truth, part II

The impact of cloud on the database monolith

In part I, I considered the journey Oracle has taken in its Fusion development. However, previously described as ‘gibberish’ by Larry Ellison, the cloud was about to make its mark. Oracle has changed their stance on cloud. Two years ago,...

Tags: cloud, fusion apps, it business, openworld, oracle

Oracle Fusion - The emerging truth, part I

The troubled history of Oracle's app suite

The concept of Fusion came from a reactionary and hostile acquisition of PeopleSoft, after PeopleSoft itself acquired JD Edwards and the Oracle applications business was therefore relegated to third or even fourth place in the global applications vendor league. Even...

Tags: applications, cloud, economy, fusion apps, oracle, peoplesoft, seibel, vendor