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Testing centre of excellence - what is it for?

The key to success or a smokescreen?

Centre of excellence. What a phrase. The NASA Space Center has truly been a centre of excellence, making its reputation not only from its successes but for the manner in which it reacts to failure. It has learned lessons from...

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The hidden costs of upgrades

Business ownership of applications can dramatically increase the time spent on testing

‘Mission critical’ is something of a buzzword, but if ever it could be applied to a business application it would be to ERP. A flaky ERP system is the corporate equivalent of a bad heart. Operational efficiency, workforce productivity -...

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What to expect of your test managers

A checklist for programme managers

If you have responsibility for IT delivery in some form, whether you are an IT Director or Programme Manager - at some stage, testing is likely to have led to 'creative tension' in your teams. Perhaps defects have been discovered...

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In search of excellence: Ten reasons why your IT organisation needs a Test Centre

We recently published the results of the World Quality Report 2012-2013, our annual in-depth study of the opinions, needs and budget focus of software professionals

One key finding of the report was that just six percent of the 1,500 respondents had established a Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE). We expect that this TCoE adoption figure to rise rapidly as the value of software testing and...

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Preventing the nightmare scenario: Software quality for IT projects

A more effective way to tackle the problem is to build in quality from the outset, seeking to prevent expensive defects from infiltrating the design or requirements phases

It’s enough to keep IT managers awake at night. The recent media storms over software glitches are causing reputation and financial damage, and have meant that software quality issues have never been more relevant than today.Poor quality in software can...

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Software quality is a C-Level responsibility

Testing is the responsibility of the IT team, Quality is a board-level issue

Quality counts… more so today than ever before. As recently demonstrated by major glitches experienced in the financial sector, an IT system that goes live with a glitch can damage an organisation’s reputation, profitability, customer confidence and loyalty. Quality is,...

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Defining risk - ISO 31 000 doesn't make it any clearer

Thoughts for software quality and testing

We all know about project risk, risk lists, risk probability and enterprise risk management, etc. But do we really understand what a risk is exactly? Although we hear about risk all the time (and testers are continuously uncovering new risks),...

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The importance of independence

How important is independent testing within business consulting?

How important are independent test resources for projects? That was the question we tackled recently by conducting a survey at an ignite conferenceThe results were decisive. From the 69 respondents, 73% agreed with the statement that independence in testing is...

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Risky business

Should we accept more testing, whatever the cost?

Are software errors ever acceptable? In a recent study, responsibility for live errors in rolled-out applications is attributed to poor test management. The study, from a large management consultancy, offers an underlying message: test more. But does it always make...

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Software testing faces growing skills gap

Organisations should demands skills, not just tools

The accelerating pace of business change and poor information management is leading to a skills gap in software development and testing in the UK. In my 20 plus years in software testing, I’ve witnessed the challenges facing software development...

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