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Accelerating the next wave of cloud adoption

Key areas to consider

As businesses focus more on digital, the need to accelerate IT delivery is becoming more important. Recent research from Accenture reveals that companies that invest in digital technologies and improving customer experiences are able to identify new growth opportunities and...

Tags: accenture, applications, cloud computing, enterpise architecture, finance, governance, procurement, programme delivery, security

How to build the data centre of the future

Technology evolution has never been quicker, but you can prepare for change

Infrastructure in the data centre is growing rapidly. Applications are generating a mountain of data that hungrily consumes all available storage. Business leaders are clamoring for new, flexible services to meet fast-changing needs and compete in the market. At the...

Tags: accenture, data centre, iaas, infrastructure, paas, platform as a service, virtualisation

Exploring revenue opportunities within enterprise data

A business can develop a profitable data monetisation strategy – no matter where it is in the data value chain

Many companies are aware of the opportunities embedded in their enterprise data, but very few have developed active strategies to monetise it successfully. Now is the time! Market forces such as the decrease in cost of storing data, combined with...

Tags: accenture, applications, business intelligence, data management, data mining, database, it business

In pursuit of analytics ROI

Three steps to driving value in the CPG industry

Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies realise that analytics capabilities are required to compete effectively in today’s marketplace that is increasingly impacted by the economic and social shift toward digital. Yet very few companies have succeeded in capturing the business...

Tags: accenture, analytics, applications, bi, business intelligence, cpg

Architecting resilience for the always on digital business

Why failure is good

Leading businesses like Netflix, Flickr, Etsy and Google love to fail -- but not in the ways you might think. Their engineers routinely perform internal failure tests to find defects in their systems, log bugs, and then test against the...

Tags: accenture, etsy, flickr, google, netflix, risk, security, testing

Ten million lines of software code and rising

How consumer demand for in-car technology is creating a headache for car makers

We are seeing the latest developments in mobile technology and products unveiled at Mobile World Commerce (MWC). Just as you are now likely to bump into the executives from technology and telco companies at the key auto shows, among those...

Tags: accenture, applications, cars, code, consumerisation, mobile & wireless, mobile apps, software quality

Seamless retail

IT can lead a One Channel team that delivers a seamless customer experience

Retail will change more in the next five years than it has in the past 50—but not all are prepared for the oncoming digital challenges. It’s a future where retail organisations deliver seamless experiences for non-stop customers. Threatened with an...

Tags: accenture, applications, development, infrastruture, retail

Marketing Analytics

Being data smart requires a culture change to realise business benefits

The volume, velocity and variety of big data can be intimidating and overwhelming for marketers to manage. Taming it to make business sense can be compared to harnessing the force of a waterfall to generate energy. Not insurmountable, but doable...

Tags: accenture, analytics, applications, big data, careers & hr, database, marketing

Data velocity: Matching the speed of an enterprise's actions

Size doesn't matter. Speed does

For an online retailer, data velocity means interacting in a relevant and engaging manner with a real-time shopper, tying her experiences together based on past interactions, purchase history, social links, and other data, and doing it within seconds of her...

Tags: accenture, analytics, big data, chief technology officer, cto, databases, gartner, it management, paul daugherty, unstructured data

Advances in technology allow consumers to "focus their energy"

Customers and SMBs are demanding real-time bespoke services

The last few years have, for the first time, given consumers in the developed world the ability to see and control how they use energy. In-home technologies, mobile devices and smart meters mean that domestic and commercial users can gauge,...

Tags: accenture, business, consumer, energy, public utility, smart grid, smart meter, utilities