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Windows 8 beta download release date, app store

OTOH: Metro a-gogo

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By (@richi ).

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has confirmed the release date of the Windows 8 beta download -- or, at least, the approximate date. It's also unveiled more details on its new app store.

  • On the one hand, it's good to see Microsoft making progress on its tablet OS.
  • On The Other Hand, assuming the final release is in Autumn 2012, will it be a case of too little, too late?

Plus, today's skateboarding duck: A seasonal Venn diagram...

Gregg Keizer reports:
While Microsoft has yet to talk about an official launch date...the beta's timing hints at a fall 2012 debut. ... Windows 7's...public beta...[was] in January 2009, and the final version hit shelves...[in] October.
Microsoft said nothing...about the feature set customers can expect to see...or what day in February it would appear. ... The Windows 8 Developer Preview continues to be available from Microsoft's website. more.png

Kurt Mackie adds:
Microsoft's Antoine Leblond...made the announcement during a talk about the upcoming Windows Store...for Windows 8 "Metro-style" applications, built on HTML 5, XAML, JavaScript and C languages.
"We're going to open the Store to customers when we release the beta of Windows 8, and that's going to be in late February 2012," Leblond said. more.png

Scott M. Fulton, III hypes it up:
Windows 8...is a bold and undisguised effort to shuttle an existing user base of tens of millions from one platform to another. ... [T]he world to which Windows users have grown accustomed is being evacuated by its proprietor. The Windows 8 beta...will only underscore this fact. more.png

But Preston Gralla gets grumpy:
[H]ere are four things I'd like to see fixed in the beta.
Windows 8 sports not one interface, but two...[which] is quite confusing. ... [It] didn't feel like a single interface. Instead, it was two very different interfaces bolted together.
I'm a big fan of the new Metro interface...[but] Microsoft needs to give thought about how to make it just as useful on a desktop or laptop.
Microsoft should spend the same amount of creative energy on the Desktop that it devoted to Metro.
Microsoft already has some very solid pieces in place for the cloud. ... I'd like to see them integrated into Windows 8. more.png

Today's Skateboarding Duck...

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