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It's not just the size of your PUE, it's what you do with it

TCO of the data centre comes first

Whether opting for colocation or an in-house data centre, enterprises are faced with a dizzying array of statistics and measurements designed to sell them on the efficiency of a particular choice. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a term often cited...

Tags: data centre, green it, it management, metrics, pue, romonet, tco

Public or private cloud - that is not the question

PaaS may be the answer though

Public cloud offerings from players like Amazon and Google are advancing at such a pace that they should be the obvious forward-looking choice for even the most skeptical observer sheltered deep inside the enterprise IT bunker. If so, then why...

Tags: amazon web services, cloud computing, cloudbees, google, paas, private cloud, public cloud

WWW: Hope, doubt and debate for the next 25 Years

We need to match our capacity for invention with a resolve to openly discuss the challenges we face

Over the past 25 years we have seen the World Wide Web grow into the world’s most powerful medium for communication and information. It has driven change in all parts of society on an unimagined scale. The Web has changed...

Tags: applications, internet, it business, mime, mimecast, world wide web

Managing your mainframe in the new hyper-distributed world

The mainframe should not be an inpenetrable black box to the wider business

In the fast-paced world of IT, a lot can change in a short space of time. Yet despite this continually evolving landscape of innovation, the trusty mainframe still holds its position at the heart of the enterprise and is likely...

Tags: applications, compuware, it efficiency, it management, mips, sdks, skills

How IT consulting is reinventing itself

Business leaders outside the IT tend to be unconvinced that traditional consulting firms talk their language

Small firms may be demanding greater flexibility from the SAP “tanker” (SAP founder outlines start-up strategy as small firms call on the ‘tank’ to be agile, but for IT consultants the ride they’ve had on its bow wave has been...

Tags: applications, consultant, erp, it business, line of business, outsourcing

Uptime's advice to datacentre owners: involve operations from the start

Most datacentre outages are caused by human error. Plan for it

To improve uptime, datacentre owners and operators have traditionally focused on the physical infrastructure that supports IT, incorporating independent redundancies, monitoring systems, failover schemes and more. On the whole, the strategy has worked, yet research by Uptime Institute (an independent...

Tags: 451 group, 451 research, data centre, datacentre, infrastructure

Out of the shadows

You can't block shadow IT but you need to lay down parameters for business units to get the tech they need

Shadow IT, the term given to the use of apps in businesses without the sanction of the company’s central IT department, is here. A study released by VMware of 3,000 office workers across Europe suggested that 37% of European IT...

Tags: applications, it management, shadow it

UK Charities second class to domain squatters? A response from Nominet

Any charity or registrant can have a complaint examined at any time

Mr Phipps makes three main points about Nominet’s intent and the consequences of the move to second level domain registrations on .uk that I’d like to address. First, the suggestion that the move to ‘’ is unnecessary and being forced...

Tags: charities, domain, domain squatting, nominet, simon phipps

Waiting on the data

Time to start thinking about database virtualisation

Data, data, data - for many organisations it’s the life blood of the company, and as big data policies are added to the agenda, it can often be the case that you’ll hear the phrase mentioned in your office more...

Tags: big data, database, database virtualisation, delphix, it management, virtualisation

Going mobile? Five things to consider

Mobile technology is still nascent, so native code is essential

Today’s multi-device landscape is unprecedented - there are PCs, phone, tablets, iPads, and most recently Phablets (phone + tablet); and if the recent pace of technological development is anything to go by, this is only the beginning. Device diversity will...

Tags: applications, development, embarcadero, mobile & wireless