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Enterprises unprepared for software license compliance risk from virtualisation

Be proactive or risk hefty bills come audit time

Tensions between application producers and enterprises around virtualisation are likely to heat up. Many enterprises are not implementing prudent best processes and technology to track and manage licenses for their virtualised applications. This will likely increase tensions between buyers and...

Tags: applications, desktop virtualisation, software asset management, software licensing, vdi, virtual server environment, virtualisation

How to pay the right price for your Oracle database

Choose the right license options for your budget & business needs

Oracle has clearly been a market leader in database technologies for a long time and many organisations are totally reliant on their Oracle databases. It is a complex technology to understand and Oracle would be the first to admit that...

Enterprise cloud computing - the irreversible trend

Why the business unit is leading the way

Despite the hype, enterprise cloud computing is still at an initial phase of adoption; though there is near consensus in the industry that cloud adoption in enterprises is an irreversible trend and one that is set to accelerate further in...

Tags: cloud computing, hybrid cloud, saas, virtualisation

Hyper-connected consumers and the new digital divide

APIs, supply chain, profit and survival

While the digital transformation will be different in each industry and at each company, one thing will be common: the entire digital supply chain will be glued together using APIs. Skills like mastering the power of APIs will decide which...

Tags: api, applications, digital enterprise, infosys, it management, security, supply chain

Where the bodies are buried - tales from the front line of banking IT

Big Bang core banking system overhauls are difficult...

As the UK banking industry struggles to shake off the harrowing memories of 2008’s credit crisis, and 2012’s mis-selling scandals, some have returned to profit with a vengeance. However, even as the industry tries to convince the British public it...

Tags: applications, core banking, financial services, suntec

Avoiding common Oracle licensing pitfalls

Good data and a proactive approach will save money

Oracle enterprise licenses are undoubtedly complicated and perhaps the most difficult of all enterprise application vendors to get right. Users are required to factor into license entitlement calculations hardware processing power, details of whether expensive management packs and options have...

Tags: applications, it management, oracle, software asset management, software licensing

Device manufacturers, profit and the Internet of Things

Running applications on top of IoT devices offers new flexibility and markets

The idea that leveraging software applications to power an object - anything from cars, building, smart devices to wearable technology - can make it ‘live’ and enable enterprises and manufactures to deliver news types of products and services with relative...

Tags: applications, embedded software, flexera software, gartner, internet, internet of things, iot, software licensing

It's not just the size of your PUE, it's what you do with it

TCO of the data centre comes first

Whether opting for colocation or an in-house data centre, enterprises are faced with a dizzying array of statistics and measurements designed to sell them on the efficiency of a particular choice. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a term often cited...

Tags: data centre, green it, it management, metrics, pue, romonet, tco

Public or private cloud - that is not the question

PaaS may be the answer though

Public cloud offerings from players like Amazon and Google are advancing at such a pace that they should be the obvious forward-looking choice for even the most skeptical observer sheltered deep inside the enterprise IT bunker. If so, then why...

Tags: amazon web services, cloud computing, cloudbees, google, paas, private cloud, public cloud

WWW: Hope, doubt and debate for the next 25 Years

We need to match our capacity for invention with a resolve to openly discuss the challenges we face

Over the past 25 years we have seen the World Wide Web grow into the world’s most powerful medium for communication and information. It has driven change in all parts of society on an unimagined scale. The Web has changed...

Tags: applications, internet, it business, mime, mimecast, world wide web