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Dr John Riley is passionate about improving the innovation process, having first hand experience of large enterprises, small business, academia, and government. As Managing Editor of Computer Weekly (1992-2008) he championed true business value from IT and founded the CW500 Club for IT Directors. He was until recently Strategic Advisor to Erudine, an early adopter of agile technology, campaigning for the wider UK SME community. He was a founder of the UK Innovation Initiative and is active across the IT community.

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Life-Saving from Race-Winning IoT Technology

Internet of Things technology makes the difference in preserving young lives as well as winning races

What does Formula 1 racing and a children's hospital have in common?The answer, set out in a recent UK Parliamentary seminar, is the use of Internet of Things technology to protect lives of both racing car drivers and dangerously ill...

Adopting IPv6 is a Corporate Business Issue

It's not about technical. It's about competitiveness in the global market place of the near future

Along with many groups Internet pioneer Vint Cerf has persistently warned of the imminent exhaustion of IPv4 Internet addresses (see clips from 2010, 2011 and 2012), to largely frustrating effect. The time for warnings is over. The primary supply of...

User Data Ownership & Strong Security Demanded for Smart Home Metering

New user-oriented, technologically grounded policy proposals for UK smart meter deployment are relevant for all Internet of Things implementations.

Today marks the launch of a report containing key policy proposals for any UK deployment of smart energy metering.The title is evocative: “Power to the People! Smarter Metering and the Power to Choose”. This 52-page detailed report stresses the...

Tags: conservative technology forum, critical national infrastructure, data ownership, nirvana, public adminstration select committee, recipe for rip-offs, security, smart metering

Open Mindsets Link 3D Printing & Internet of Things

Paradigm-shifts via open 3D printing foreshadow step change impacts to come from the Internet of Things

In 2009 expiring 3D printing extrusive technology patents opened up a tsunami of creativity as the open source community swept in to that space. RepRap, a British-led open source initiative, liberated that area creating open blue-print, self-replicating standard printers which...

Breaking down the Internet of Silos

First fruits: the $2 wireless Iceni chip ecosystem with 10 year battery life and 10km Internet connectivity range

We face three major challenges when it comes to accelerating the growth and the potential of the Internet of Things, according to Gary Atkinson, Director of Emerging Technologies at chip designer ARM.They are:Simplifying connectivityGetting security rightEnabling accelerated applications developmentGary ought...

Compulsory Chip Implants in Dogs: the Internet of Things Dimension

Today's locally scoped IoT related decisions could bite back without wider futureproof planning

The Internet of Things inched subliminally a bit closer towards the public psyche when UK Environment Minister Owen Paterson announced on Wednesday that all dogs in England will need to be micro-chipped by April 2016. In itself that's no big...

Tags: data accessibility, data ownership, defra, dog microchip, dog tagging, fdx-b, internet of things, iot world forum steering committee, iso, open iot assembly, open iot definition, osi, owen paterson, privacy, transparency, transponder

Crowd Funding: gains whether you win or lose

How this model works for the Internet of Things community

Take a look at the Good Night Lamp project currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. It is on a bold and ambitious scale and illustrates new directions in IoT crowd-funding. Unlike many Internet of Things related projects seeking funding, which...

Vibrancy of London IoT Meetups

Cross-cultural, international collaboration crucible fuels bottom-up thing-to-thing innovation

I particularly enjoy going to the Internet of Things Meetups in London's Tech City/Silicon Roundabout. There's much more to them than just the vibrancy of entrepreneurial young people beavering and buzzing with ideas. IT developers, designers, architects, artists, electronics engineers,...

Open Data Institute Bodes Well for Internet of Things

Crystallising structure out of 37,500 data sets and feeds

The formal launch of the London-based Open Data Institute this week marks an important step forward in preparing for the Internet of Things. The purpose of the £10m government-primed organisation, the brainchild of Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Southampton University's...

Bottom-Up IoT Innovation Thriving

Innovators converge this week for First Cambridge Internet of Things Practitioners' Night Demos

I experienced some of the vitality, sophistication and breadth of activity in open hardware and associated software and comms this week at the first Cambridge Internet of Things Practitioners Night meetup. That demonstrated how a rapid expansion of IoT...

Tags: anil madhavapeddy, berg, cambridge university, ciseco, dnssec, internet of things, kickstarter, laura james, matthew pearce, nottingham university, ocean, open hardware, open mirage, raspberry pi, research councils uk, rob van der linden, signpost, stew mctavish