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Wearables shouldn't be an exercise in screen miniaturisation

Break out from the tyranny of the screen

Too many wearables today have screens that look like miniaturised smartphones. Just as smartphones shouldn’t be PC screens shrunk down to a 4-5” screen, smartwatches shouldn’t look like smartphones shrunk to 1”. Nor is it a matter of responsive...

Tags: forrester, samsung, user experience, user interface, wearables

Watch out. Networking professionals can be fired for buying the market leader

Customers are now defining what they want before vendors have even developed the technology

The recent business articles about customers screaming for change, such as Bloomberg’s recently published article about Goldman Sachs’ CIO threatening Cisco, conjures up images of Dee Snider busting through the wall and screaming, “OH, WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!...

Tags: at&t, coca-cola, forrester, goldman sachs, google, infrastructure, infrastructure & operations, networks, onug, open network user group, software defined networks

How to Find the right provider to complete your ITSM project

Criteria and methodology for evaluating partners

A common inquiry I get from clients has some of the following flavors: “We’ve chosen a new ITSM tool and need help moving to it. Who can help us?” “We want to choose a new ITSM product and an implementation...

Tags: applications, forrester, it management, itsm, itsmf

Privacy won't derail wearables, but could undermine your company

Responsibility for privacy falls on wearable manufacturers and enterprises that embrace the technology

Wearables are opening up exciting new scenarios for consumers and enterprise users alike, but the wider conversation on wearables has taken a privacy-oriented turn. The New York Times and WIRED, among others, have covered the emerging privacy concerns associated with...

Tags: consumer data, consumer wearables, enterprise wearables, forrester, google glass, gownder, infrastructure & operations, privacy, smart glasses, technology privacy, wearables

Gateways will accelerate data migration to the cloud

Easing the path to true hybrid cloud for the enterprise

The last few days have been eventful in the cloud gateway space and should provide I&O organizations more incentive to start evaluating gateways. EMC announced its acquisition of cloud gateway startup TwinStrata which will allow EMC customers to move on-premise...

Tags: cloud computing, cloud storage, emc, emerging technologies, forrester, hybrid cloud, infrastructure, infrastructure & operations, nas

Holography spells the next phase of innovation in projection technology

From medical training to political campaigning to virtual assistants

No longer just a science fiction fantasy, holography technology is set to fuel major innovation in both business and consumer applications. Offering superior visual experience and support for interactive and intuitive applications, holography is already being leveraged in various scenarios,...

Tags: forrester, holography, infrastructure & operations

Don't bet on social media, mobile, analytics, and the cloud alone

Core systems need to work for you to win, serve, and retain customers

No matter which vendor’s event you attend these days, the host will inevitably try to impress upon you how important it is to use social media, mobile, analytics, and the cloud (SMAC) to engage with your customers. In many cases,...

Tags: bt resiliency, business continuity, data centre, disaster recovery, forrester, hybrid cloud, infrastructure, security

Beware network vendor buzzwords

Run, don’t walk, if the first thing you hear from your network vendor is BYOD, TCO, Or SDN

If a network vendor representative starts off with any of these three phrases — software-defined networking (SDN),bring-your-own-device (BYOD), or lower total cost of ownership (TCO) — I would ask them to leave and come back when they have done their...

Tags: applications, byod, forrester, healthcare, infrastructure & operations, manufacturing, networking, networks, retail, software defined networks, tco. sdn

Where does Windows 8.1 stand with enterprises and users?

This could be the breakthrough upgrade

Since the original release of Windows 8 on October 26, 2012, the operating system has benefitted from two major updates — Windows 8.1 (in October, 2013) and the Update to Windows 8.1 (in April, 2014). With these updates, Microsoft sought...

Tags: client operating systems & software, client systems, forrester, infrastructure, it infrastructure & operations, operating systems, os, pcs, perceptive pixel, tablets, windows 8.1, windows client os

What's your cloud future?

Understanding how to prepare your organisation is key

We know that cloud services and cloud platforms are here to stay and should be considered part of your overall IT portfolio but how much of that portfolio will these services occupy in your future? For most companies - and...

Tags: cloud computing, forrester, paas. iaas, saas