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Google makes Glass visible to the enterprise

Glass will become a valuable tool

Up until last week, Google had remained reticent about speaking of Google Glass as an enterprise tool. Google is a mass-market consumer company whose main revenue streams derive from huge scale; its aspirations for Glass are, presumably, both ambitious and...

Tags: applications, forrester, google, google glass, infrastructure, infrastructure & operations, wearables

The Age Of The Customer Requires A Shift In Monitoring Focus

Availability and performance, the datacentre-centric metrics, are not enough

In my February 2014 report: Left-Shift Technology Monitoring For Success In The Age Of The Customer I explore what the near future will bring for technology monitoring approaches and solutions. Today, for the typical I&O organization, successful technology or service...

Tags: age of customer, apm, end user experience, forrester, it service delivery, itsm, monitoring

Applying desktop virtualisation to improve customer experience

Lessons from aerospace

When I was maybe 2 years old, my mother lost track of me in a Toys-R-Us store. After a dozen stressful minutes, she finally found me - holding a Fisher-Price airplane. And so began my love affair with airplanes and...

Tags: cad, catia, citrix, customer experience, design, desktop virtualisation, forrester, infrastructure, nvidia, vdi

Internal and hosted private cloud adoption in 2013

UK leads the way in hosted private cloud

Over the past couple months, I've published adoption profiles on both internal and hosted private cloud in North America and Europe. If you haven't read them, they can be found at the following links: Adoption Profile: Hosted Private Cloud, North...

Tags: cloud computing, forrester, forrester wave, private cloud, virtualisation

Is a Silicon Valley earthquake turning your company into a software vendor?

Systems of engagement and systems of record

A movement that began in Silicon Valley, is starting to have profound impacts on corporations throughout the world that are far from obvious but critical to your success and maybe even your company’s survival. This is a massive shift that...

Tags: applications, cloud, erp, forrester, software

Cisco UCS at five years

Successful Disruption and a New Status-Quo

It was five years ago, March 2009, when Cisco formally announced “Project California”, its (possibly intentionally) worst-kept secret, as Cisco Unified Computing System. At the time, I was working at Hewlett Packard, and our collective feelings as we realized that...

Tags: blade servers, cisco, cloud computing, converged infrastructure, data centre, dell, forrester, hp, ibm, infrastructure, servers, ucs, vce, x86

When too much control is a bad thing

Isn't cloud about agility above all else?

I know, more control is an axiom! But the above statement is more often true. When we're talking about configuration control in the public cloud it can be especially true, as control over the configuration of your application can put...

Tags: autoscaling, aws, cloud computing, cloud platform, cloudbees, forrester, iaas, paas, rackspace, windows azure

Now is the time for CIOs to tune in to 3D printing

Technology paves the way for new products, processes, and delivery models

While the basic technology behind 3D printing has been around for decades, recent hype and coverage has recast a spotlight on the industry. Over the last few years, incumbent and emerging vendors have been rapidly developing 3D printers, each more...

Tags: 3d printing, applications, digitisation, manufacturing, sme, technology strategy

Nokia Android models represent new strategies from Microsoft

Nokia X is aimed at weaning people onto Windows Phone

At Mobile World Congress this week, Nokia announced the first three models of its new Android product line, Nokia X. Nokia X is positioned as entry-level smartphones below the Lumia range that nonetheless deliver a more complete smartphone experience with...

Tags: android, bing, microsoft, mobile & wireless, nokia, onedrive, outlook, samsung, smartphone

Intel bumps up high-end servers with new Xeon E7 V2

A long awaited and timely leap

It’s been a long wait, about four years if memory serves me well, since Intel introduced the Xeon E7, a high-end server CPU targeted at the highest performance per-socket x86, from high-end two socket servers to 8-socket servers with tons...

Tags: amd, analytic databases, big data, cloud computing, data centres, database, dell, forrester, fujitsu, hp, ibm, infrasrtucture, infrastructure, intel, oltp, oracle, servers, x86