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The connected car

Just about safety or is there a commercial play?

Connected, or smart cars, are no longer science fiction. Modern automobiles are being built with a large amount of electronics and connectivity, turning them into more than simple modes of transportation. This past February, the US Department of Transportation’s (DOT)...

Tags: automobile, cars, idc, mobile & wireless, mobile applications, v2v, vehicle to vehicle

Oracle Industry Connection 2014: The Retail Angle

Successful companies prioiritise tech strategies to ensure they will be in business, not assume they will be in business

We attended Oracle Industry Connection 2014 last month--its inaugural multi-industry customer conference fashioned after its successful retail industry event CrossTalk. The event offered additional proof points that Oracle's broad set of applications, technologies, services, and partners are well suited to...

Tags: applications, idc, oracle, retail, walmart

The heart of Bitcoin is still beating - part II

Bitcoin faces new IRS rules and widespread skepticism but could still be the platform that exciting new products are built upon.

Since my earlier post on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency has continued to stir debate. Among other events, the inventor has been "unmasked," the IRS has issued rules regarding Bitcoin and billionaire Warren Buffett seemed to side with the Bitcoin bears with...

The end of days for Windows XP and impact on bank ATMs

The majority of ATMs are still running Windows XP

April 8th marks their last day of officially supported Windows XP. Much to the chagrin of those who run an ATM network, today the majority of ATM's out there are still running Windows XP. What will this mean on April...

Apple sets example for supplier responsibility of conflict minerals

The US Conflict Minerals Act is starting to be felt with leading manufacturers taking visible steps to assert compliance

IDC Manufacturing Insights has paid close attention to the regulation of conflict minerals since before the US law to regulate them passed in August 2012 (Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Act). Essentially, the act requires publicly traded companies,...

Tags: apple, compliance, environment, governance, governance and compliance, idc, intel, lg, sec, sony

The heart of Bitcoin is still beating

Even though Bitcoin is experiencing some "difficulties," what makes it a breakthrough development for payments is still worth defending

The topic I am asked about most these days is probably Bitcoin. I have expressed my fascination with the digital cryptocurrency on more than one occasion and consider myself a bitcoin fan if such a thing could exist. Given the...

Tags: bitcoin, cryptocurrency, financial services, idc, it business, mt. gox, ponzi scheme

Government software asset rationalisation: Not all that glitters is gold

Striking the balance between efficient IT architectures and flexibility in supporting business capabilities is difficult

Government departments are, among other things, rationalising software architectures to reduce costs. They should be aware that IT cost savings can be outweighed by business capability rigidities. I recently had a conversation about a government agency that is pursuing a...

Tags: applications, cio, hmrc, idc, it asset management, public sector, supplier relations

Government: Doing new with less

Necessity is the mother of invention in the public sector

Governments around Europe continues being under strong pressure to reduce costs. Doing more with less is not enough in this context; in fact, over the past three or four years a few administrations resorted to doing less with less. Last...

Tags: government, idc, it business, it management, public sector

IBM IaaS goes global

Timing is everything

IBM's $2 billion acquisition of SoftLayer last summer has given IBM a highly competitive cloud services delivery infrastructure platform, one architecturally capable of competing with Amazon, Microsoft and others. Now it is massively (and globally) building on that foundation with...

Tags: applications, cloud, iaas, ibm, idc, infrastructure, it business, softlayer

Big Money for Big Data

Business tech teams benefit as VC funding pushes innovation down the software stack

Three billion dollars. That is the amount of venture capital (VC) funding that has flowed into information management, access, and analysis software vendors since the beginning of the slow economic recovery in 2009 and through August of 2013. Does this...

Tags: analytics, applications, big data, idc, innovation, venture capital