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Dharmesh Mistry has supported financial services organisations with technology and management expertise for over 20 years. He is the UXP and mobile product director for Temenos, currently focusing on providing a platform for all Temenos user interfaces and channel offerings, including internet, tablet and mobile. He has a particular interest in the Internet of Things, cloud, Big Data, context computing and end-user development.

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What's a phone anyway?

Why mobile strategies are just part of the bigger picture

Since the iPhone first launched in 2006, I’ve maintained that having a mobile strategy is pointless - an opinion usually deemed either naïve, or contradictory for the sake of it. There were two reasons behind my stance: First that mobile...

Tags: android, big data, devices, good night lamp, innovation, internet of things, mobile & wireless, mobile strategy, smartphones, tablets, wifi

The Digital Era is upon us

A look at some of the key forces currently driving technology consumption

A lot has changed in technology since my last blog, and it’s only been a year! In Mobile, as expected, Android is outselling iOS, Android apps outnumber iOS apps, people are far less amazed at the size of phablets, and...

Tags: android apps, big data, cloud computing, digital era, gartner, ifttt, internet of things, iot, m-pesa, mobile, payments, recipe, technologies, technology, technology bubble, the cloud, the nexus of forces

Developers in short supply?

The growth of mobile apps will highlight a serious shortage of developers

Apple have over 650,000 apps in it’s store, Android over 500,000 and so you would think there are too many developers out there with not enough to do?Whilst many of these apps may be experiments in using mobile development tools,...

Tags: android, applications, html5, javascript, mobile application development

What's Microsoft On(x)?

Whats the motive behind Microsoft writing an Android app.

Last month Microsoft announced a beta project called ON(x), pronounced “on-ex”. Now apart from the strange naming reminiscent of the famous pop artist Prince changing his name to Symbol, this seems a little strange to say the least.However in case...

The vertical UXP

Is there a need for industry specific User Experience Platforms (UXP)?

Whilst discussing what a UXP is and who the key players are with a customer I was asked an interesting question, “is there a need for industry (banking, retail, government ...) specific UXP ?”. My immediate reaction was that the technologies...

Tags: applications, content management, crm, customer relationship management, microsoft, microsoft sharepoint, site management, uxp

The end of silo architectures

Solution vendors open up their architecture

From my discussions with customers and prospects it is clear that the final layer in their architectures is being defined by UXP (see my previous posts). So whether you have a Service or Web Oriented architecture most organisations have already...

Tags: applications, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, open architecture

Programming with soldering irons

The next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates is amongst our children

Raspberry Pi will rejuvenate the marriage of electronics and programming The last time I can remember seeing a programmer with a soldering iron was a long time ago in the hay days of micro computing in the late 70’s. A...

Tags: applications, bill gates, education, linux, mark zuckerberg, raspberry pi, steve jobs, steve wozniak

Future of Mobile part 3

Is it about a phone and multiple screens?

Today I have 3 GPS devices, 4 Cameras, 3 Video cameras, 3 movie players, 5 music players and the list goes on. All of these are in a variety of devices that I use in different places for different purposes....

Click, touch, wave and talk: UI of the future

Are multi-interactive interfaces the future User Interface?

First there was the Character User Interface (CUI, pronounced cooo-eey) typified by green letters on a black background screen. Then the Graphical User Interface (GUI, pronounced goo-eey) came along with a mouse and icons. Pen interfaces existed in the era...

Is Apple Siri-ous about Voice?

Is Apple on the cusp of making voice interaction work?

When I first saw the new iPhone ads that featured voice interaction all I thought was WOW, Apple have done it, they have mastered voice interaction. What appeared to be natural voice interaction is the nirvana many people have been...