Enterprise OS: How hard can it be?

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Written by staff at Sirius Corporation, the Open Source services group, this blog seeks to dispel any FUD around the use of Open Source software in the Enterprise and provide perspectives on business, economics, politics, philosophy and the environment.

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Dear Cabinet Office, public sector austerity and economic growth are not mutually exclusive

Levelling the playing field for open source and SMEs is a necessity

How would you describe an organisation that is losing £164 billion every year on £585 billion revenue, and with a net position already £1.2 trillion in debt1? Of course if this was a private company, and putting it as politely...

Tags: austerity, government it, open source, public sector, spending

The government gets really serious about open source

Cabinet Office lays down the open source law

Monday 21st February 2011 saw the first 'Open Source System Integrators Forum' held by the Cabinet Office and I'd like to share a few modest bits of news with you all... Firstly, the occurrence of the event itself is...

Tags: open source, public sector, sirius, smes

Open for business - SMEs take place at public sector table

A major step forward for open source

I attended Francis Maude's SME strategic supplier summit last week. If even half of the promised reforms materialise it will transform the Public Sector landscape, clearing the way for young and dynamic businesses to bring innovative solutions and play their...

Tags: government, it business, open source, public sector, sme

Microsoft proposes government licencing of internet access

Is this a case of control without responsibility?

The recent proposal by Microsoft's Vice President of Trustworthy Computing to introduce Government licencing of Internet access is both hiliarious and terrifying1. Aside from the obvious Orwellian overtones of this sort of control and the bureaucratic horrors that one could...

Tags: government, open source, security, trustworthy computing

IT cuts, Open Sauce and harsh reality

Don't cut new, useful projects, start questioning what you pay for existing services

Responses to the cold, hard light of reality shining through the windows of UK Local Authorities in this newly dawned era of fiscal austerity have been varied.I expect ICT news like the latest from Essex County Council to be become...

Tags: open source, public sector

Open Source: It's not just cheap...

Control matters with enterprise software

I suppose it's inevitable that when you talk about Open Source software to people for the first time the thing they focus on is that it is generally given away for free. "How do you make money if you don't...

Tags: enterprise application, erp, open source

Public sector ICT cuts - they do not have to hurt

Has Socitm got it wrong?

This week's Economist notes that in the current climate of public sector austerity in the UK, there are two strategies under way by the various interest groups.The first is to assess rationally and realistically how to comply with the need...

Tags: open source, public sector

Time for school IT to teach Open Source

The Royal Society has just warned that Information technology lessons in UK schools are so dull they are putting pupils off the subject, and of course the idea of a career in IT.So no surprises there then. I take no...

Tags: open source

Proprietary software vs security

It's been a long time since I've had to install a piece of proprietary software because generally my needs are met entirely by Debian's packages or at very least by tools distributed as source. Recently though I needed to...

Tags: security, windows

TransferSummit: Where invention meets innovation

A recent report shows that UK universities deliver £2.97bn in services to business and industry. That's a big number but many of us will not have been involved with those engagements. Why not? The full answer may be found...

Tags: open source