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Mike Simons is the Editor of ComputerWorldUK and Techworld. He joined IDG in 2006 after almost a decade at Computer Weekly. An award winning IT and business journalist, Mike has a particularly focused on major IT projects and public sector IT. His fascination with the business and social impact of technology began at university, where he obtained an MSc at the Science Policy Research Unit of Sussex University.

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Marks & Spencer - why the CFO should resign for a website failure

Forget about politicians who don't know the price of a pint of milk, this takes the biscuit...

When Marks & Spencer relaunched its website in February after a £150 million revamp, none of its directors could have expected it to drive away customers, yet that is precisely what happened. When M&S warned in May that problems at...

Tags: e-commerce, forrester, m&s, marks & spencer, online, retail

Creative IT and government smokescreens

Westminster manoeuvres disguise real issues facing IT industry

Something very strange is going on. We all know that IT lies at the heart of most of the most creative social and business changes around today, but why has the government labelled IT a creative industry? Why, suddenly do...

Tags: bis, dcms, department for culture, government, ict strategy, innovation, media and sport, public sector, skills

Blackberry 10 - it's the enterprise stupid...

Well, it should be anyway...

Blackberry came from the enterprise and its future will depend on the enterprise. That future may be as a stand-alone company, as part of a larger supplier -such as Lenovo, or on the IT industry scrapheap. Sure there has been...

Tags: android, apple, bes, blackberry, blackberry enterprise server, forrester, iphone, lenovo, mobile & wireless, rim, ted schadler

Another government, another NHS IT programme?

Ministers must realise, no investment, no savings

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants the NHS to be “paperless” by 2018. He was due to say so today in a widely trailed speech that, if Hunt is still in politics by the allotted date, is likely to come back...

Tags: jeremy hunt, national health service, nhs, nhs connecting for health, npfit, public sector, secretary of state for health

HP's Autonomy fraud allegations. Get real...

It is buyer beware in this industry

Let’s cut to the chase about the HP-Autonomy fraud allegations. HP massively overpaid for Autonomy last year. It did so because it was a distress purchase. HP’s core business is shrinking and it needs to transform itself into a software...

Tags: autonomy, deloitte, eds, electronic data systems, hewlett-packard, it business, leo apotheker, meg whitman, mike lynch, pwc

IT and breast implants

Big data, open data and analytics are not just buzz words, they are life savers

What could IT possibly have to do with the emerging scandal about the safety of breast implants made by the bankrupt French company PIP? Quite a lot, actually. There are a number of issues involved: The manufacturer’s criminal use of...

Tags: analytics, applications, big data, business intelligence, csc, it business, nhs, npfit, open data, pip, public sector

Oracle calls Autonomy's Mike Lynch a liar or an amnesiac

Adding to the misery at HP after sacking of former SAP CEO Leo Apotheker

You’ve got to hand it to Oracle. They don’t mind who they slap. Whether Oracle's customers like their aggressive attitude to rival suppliers though remains to be seen. Next week’s Oracle Openworld will be one place to find out. No...

Tags: applications, autonomy, govenance, it business, mike lynch, oracle, suppliers

Steve Jobs, Mike Lynch and the future of UK IT

Will a new breed of agile, lightweight software suppliers emerge?

Mike Lynch might not be Steve Jobs, but he has done all right for himself and for the UK IT industry.The barrage of articles on Steve Jobs' genius at Apple and the speculation on the future of his company has...

Tags: autonomy, editorsblog, hp, stevejobs

Google bags headaches along with Motorola patents

Is this merger necessary to strengthen Android?

What does Google get from its £7.7 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility? It gets the company that first developed the mobile phone, some 24,000 patents and a hardware partner. But it is a hardware partner that has slipped back...

Tags: google, it business. mobile & wireless, motorola, open source, patents

Silly SAP, silly fine. Make sure we don't all pay the price

Time for some maturity among the leaders of enterprise IT companies

The ruling which gave Oracle £820 million in damages from SAP has potentially damaging implications for all enterprise IT customers, and it is in no one’s interests for it to stand. Regardless of the rights and wrongs, and SAP clearly...

Tags: applications, enterprise bill of rights, hp, it business, leo apotheker, mark hurd, oracle, sap