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Big privacy: The new standard for big data privacy

Don't underestimate the strength of existing data protection legislation

I've just completed a major new Constellation Research report looking at how today's privacy practices cope with Big Data. The report draws together my longstanding research on the counter-intuitive strengths of technology-neutral data protection laws, and melds it with my...

Tags: analytics, applications, big data, big privacy, constellation research, privacy, security

The CMO is dead

CMOs use Big Data to become chief revenue and innovation officers

I know you’ve seen these types of dramatic headlines before: The CMO is dead. But in actuality, the roles in marketing, sales, and customer service that once governed how business “gets done” are shifting. This best practices report, Data-Driven Marketing...

Tags: applications, big ideas, cmo, constellation research, it business, marketing, mo, research

Cloud Bill of Rights for SaaS apps

Constellation certifies vendors on how well they perform to the Cloud Bill Of Rights: Actian and Netsuite achieve Epic status

The Enterprise Cloud Buyer’s Bill of Rights provides a tool for clients and vendors to change the tenor of contract negotiations from user subservience to an equal and collaborative long-term partnership. This Constellation CosmosCertification for the Cloud Buyer’s Bill of...

Tags: applications, cloud, cloud computing, constellation research, netsuite, pervasive software, r "ray" wang, saas, software as a service

Seven priorities in the shift from CMO to Chief Digital Officer

Business and IT must stay aligned but not tethered

Today’s marketing strategies increasingly depend more on digital and on data than in the past. With more data, marketers can measure against a new set of metrics that matter including: calculating return on promotional investment (ROPI), performing multivariable testing (beyond...

Tags: chief information officer, chief marketing officer, cio, cmo, constellation, it business, it management

Analysis: New SAP customers face maintenance hike

SAP plans a Standard Support maintenance fees hike of 5.5%for new customers

For new customers, SAP announced its intent to raise its standard support maintenance fee from 18% to 19% effective July 15, 2013. The standard support option was reintroduced in January 14, 2010, after much pressure from user groups. A few...

Tags: abap, applications, contract, enterprise software, erp, intellicorp, it business, panaya, sap, standard support

News analysis: SAP Business Suite on HANA

Next stop on the road to HANA: SAP Business Suite

In a global announcement in Palo Alto, New York and Frankfurt, SAP’s top executives Dr. Vishal Sikka, Rob Enselin, Jim Haggeman Snabe, and legendary founder and chairman Dr. Hasso Plattner announced availability of SAP’s Business Suite powered by SAP HANA....

Tags: applications, data analytics, database, hana, infrastructure, sap, sap business suite

Oracle Fusion Applications Update - The Inside Story

Market Maker 1:1 with Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President of Oracle Applications Product Development

Constellation sat down with Steve Miranda, Oracle’s Executive Vice President of Oracle Applications Product Development to discuss the state of Oracle Fusion Apps in a no-holds barred honest conversation about what’s working, what’s not, and what to look forward to...

Tags: applications, cloud, cloud computing, oracle, oracle e-business suite, oracle fusion middleware, peoplesoft, saas, salesforce.com, software as a service

Event Report: Dreamforce X emerges as the South by Southwest for the enterprise

Where aspiration meets innovation

Dreamforce represents the Mecca for the “art of the possible” in the enterprise Whether Salesforce.com’s flagship conference at Moscone Centre was the most attended conference (~48,000) or the most registered for event (~90,000), matters not. When examined in context of...

Tags: applications, constellation research, crm, dreamforce, it business, it maanagement, saas, salesforce.com

Infosys buys Lodestone for $350M

Warning to traditional outsourcers - change or suffer

Global outsourcing and Bangalore Infotech bellwether Infosys (NASDAQ:INFY), announced its agreement to purchase Zurich-based Lodestone Management Consultancy for $350M. A quick analysis of the news reveals: Infosys strengthens its EMEA and SAP vertical presence. Lodestone brings 850 employees which 750...

Tags: applications, constellation research, infosys, it business, it service management, r "ray" wang, sap, tata consultancy services

The new engagement platform drives the shift from transactions

Convergence in the five forces of consumerisation of technology drives the next big thing

Social has given us the tools to connect.  Mobile has given us the ability to interact any time and anywhere.  Cloud delivers access points to us with a rich array of content and information.  Big data provides us with the...

Tags: facebook, it business, linkedin, mobile & wireless, salesforce.com, social crm, software insider