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Looking for results? Look at the Cloud

As the cloud transitions to an adoption and result-generation phase, enterprise cloud understanding is also going through a parallel evolution

It is fascinating to watch the trajectory of technologies. Some, like mobile banking, make a false start before staging a spectacular comeback; others such as social technologies hit the ground running and never look back, whilst others like the Itanium...

Tags: amazon web services, cloud computing, idc, infosys, it business, itanium, ricoh

The ties that bind: How strong is the glue that holds your cloud together?

API performance can have a significant impact on user experience

The 'glue' that makes cloud applications a reality is Web APIs, aka Web Services. The performance of any cloud application is dependent on these data sharing standards. But if you aren’t monitoring them, your Web/cloud application and the customers that...

Tags: applications, cloud computing, ebay, facebook, keynote systems, web api, web oriented architecture

Performance: The Cloud's Achilles Heel?

IT is always accountable - even when there is no direct control

Think about all the steps in a hypothetical ‘digital value chain’. An order comes in through a branch office or shop. HQ is queried for customer account data. Then a third party or stock management department is queried on availability...

Tags: business-to-business, cloud computing, customer management, data centre, infrastructure, software as a service

US PATRIOT Act - Can UK cloud customers use US cloud providers?

US providers could be forced to hand over data to US law enforcement authorities under the Patriot Act - even if it is stored in a European data centre

There's much fear, uncertainty and doubt about whether EU cloud users can or should use services from US cloud computing providers, in light of the oft-expressed concern that US providers could be forced to hand over data to US law...

Tags: cloud computing, ico, information privacy, patriot act, privacy, usa patriot act

Cloud computing and EU data protection law: Part Two

On international transfers of personal data

Part one covered how the EU Data Protection Directive may apply to non-European Economic Area (EEA) cloud users or cloud service providers.This part summarises how EEA cloud users are affected by the Directive's requirement that EEA countries must prohibit transfers of 'personal data' outside the...

Tags: cloud computing, data protection directive, eea, european economic area, european union, international safe harbor privacy principles, safe harbor, united states

What exactly is MFT in the cloud?

We need a clear definition to benchmark services

Companies everywhere are experiencing greater demands for the secure transfer of Big Data, and at the same time, the availability of cloud computing for securely sharing document has grown exponentially. This in turn has pushed managed file transfer (MFT) in...

Tags: cloud computing, infrastructure, managed file transfer, services, vendor management

Using log management to unlock private cloud security

Integrating security and event monitoring with private cloud

We have established that log management is the key to visibility in the cloud. It can help IT departments to understand what is happening inside their cloud infrastructure, drawing back the veil normally associated with cloud deployments. But integrating log...

Tags: cloud computing, event monitoring, log management, private cloud, security

Mapping security in the private cloud

Are the correct systems in place to navigate security issues in the cloud?

In my last blog post, I identified some subtle but important security problems facing organisations deploying private cloud technology. In this, the second of a three-post series, I’ll explain how to tackle those problems. We have shown how IT departments...

Tags: cloud computing, log management, private cloud, security

The private cloud security problem

How prepared are you for proper security in the private cloud?

Cloud computing brings unquestionable benefits, but amid all of the congratulatory rhetoric, it is important to understand the dangers so that we can prepare for them. In this series of three blog posts, I’ll explain those dangers, and create a...

Tags: cloud computing, compliance, data, data protection, log management, security

Transition to cloud - The journey

Key advice on taking your business applications into the cloud

The concept of cloud is now heard in almost every board room, forum or CIO/CTO’s weekly agenda. Whilst cloud makes an impressive proposition in terms of return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO), the main challenge faced...

Tags: applications, cloud computing, infrastructure, migration, private cloud