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Amrit Williams is chief technology officer of Big Data company Quantivo. His previous job CTO at security comany BigFish and has been research director in the Information Security and Risk Research Practice at Gartner, where he covered audit and compliance, vulnerability and threat management, network security and secure application development.

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Searching for privacy in a world without secrets

We have allowed ourselves to be digitised for quick sale to the highest bidder

'I am not a number, I am a free' IDC reported that we generated and replicated 1.8 zettabytes - that's 1.8 trillion gigabytes - of data in 2011. To give you an example of scale you would need to stack...

Tags: big data, privacy, quantivo, security, twitter

Class-action lawsuit against HP for not disclosing vulnerabilities has huge implications

Time for software developers to accept their security responsibilities

On December 1, 2011 a Class-action lawsuit was filed in United States District Court Northern District of California against Hewlett-Packard, alleging violations of The California Consumer Legal Remedies Act for Injunctive Relief and the California Unfair Competition Law based...

Tags: applications, hardware, hp, infrastructure, law, pci, quantivo, security

Incomplete thought: Are you really data-driven or just using data to prove a point?

Stop looking for stats to back up your back up your bias

I love data, I love the benefits that data analysis offers, and I love the concept of large amounts of data being massaged, queried, and providing insights through a whole new set of technical innovations - and there are many...

Tags: analytics, applications, bigdata, business intelligence, data-driven, database, tagged analytics

Big data: Are you creating a garbage dump or mountains of gold

Stop, look and listen before being taken in by vendor tall tales

You’re not really sure how it happened, but some time between last year and the summer of 2011 you were suddenly facing a big data problem, or you were being told you were facing a big data problem, or more...

Tags: applications, big data, project management, vendor

The good, bad and ugly of technology acquisitions

Breaking free from IBM

It is the foundation for the free market system and capitalism and it is every entrepreneurs dream; build a great technology, execute and achieve excellence in GTM, deliver fantastic value to customers and take great pride in watching your passion...

Tags: bigfix, ibm, security

2011: The death of security as we know it or operationalising security

Why do security professionals spend so little time understanding their role within an organisation?

There is a dull hum permeating the industry of late - security is dead some say, others think it to be too costly to maintain, others still believe that what is needed is a change of perspective, perhaps a radical...

Tags: 2011 predictions, bigfix, information security, security

Security Out of focus; an incomplete thought

One view does not fit all

Someone sent me this quote in an attempt to convince me that we should focus on vulnerabilities and not threats…I don’t think they are mutually exclusive, but here nor there… "Our data tells us that focusing on vulnerabilities is more...

Tags: security

IBM to acquire BigFix – Hallelujah! can I get a witness

I will post more later but given all the blood, sweat, and tears we have poured into BigFix we are extremely excited about this move. IBM and BigFix are a great fit. The product portfolios are very complementary (datacentre...

Tags: security

Rolling Stone: “The Biggest Cyber Crime in History – Sex, Drugs, and Hackers Gone Wild”

I wouldn’t normally read Rolling Stone but strolling through the airport I noticed “The Biggest Cyber Crime in History – Sex, Drugs & Hackers Gone Wild” on the cover. Like passing a train wreck, you can’t help but stare...

Should your local police officer be a cybercop?

In very short order and in relatively short time the world has changed. With the advent of the Internet and its widespread adoption one can reach out and touch someone almost anywhere on the planet in near real-time. Computer...