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Three assumptions for why the next generation of software innovation will be cognitive

Wearables shouldn't be an exercise in screen miniaturisation

The good the bad and the ugly of enterprise BI

Customer service is dead - long live customer experience

Should storage be considered as a workload in hyperconverged platforms?

Intel's role in the future of software-defined infrastructure

Planning your big data strategy


Watch out. Networking professionals can be fired for buying the market leader

Analytic applications and the internet of things

Enterprises unprepared for software license compliance risk from virtualisation

The Gentle Art of Muddying the Licensing Waters

Say 'small footprint' again. I dare you

Forrester's 2014 Data Privacy Heat Map

Data Protection Issues in TISA's First Leak

ODF FOI Update: Lost, Found and Lost Again

How to Find the right provider to complete your ITSM project

Key focus areas for a digitally-enabled life sciences industry

Privacy won't derail wearables, but could undermine your company

Beyond Open Standards and Open Access

How to pay the right price for your Oracle database

The Modern CRM

Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) and Transparency


Privacy wars - personal data and the social contract

3 New Kinds of Open Source: DNA, Journalism, Shoes

The impact of technology on the future of retail

Huge Win for ODF in UK: Let's Not Mess it up

An online kit for digital emergencies

TTIP Update XXXIII - 150,000 ISDS Submissions

Product development needs to go digital

In Praise of Open Postcodes

Putting the 'Cover' into Disaster Recovery

The new face of risk and finance

Why is Cabinet Office Holding Back Microsoft's ODF Emails?

Winning the 24/7 Digital Customer

Consumer technologies in healthcare - what are the security challenges?

Urgent: Please Write to MPs Today to Stop the DRIP

EU's Anti-Open Source Approach to Procurement

Gateways will accelerate data migration to the cloud


Marks & Spencer - why the CFO should resign for a website failure

When personalisation is not creepy

Holography spells the next phase of innovation in projection technology

Agile BI ship has sailed

Personalised recommendations powered by analytics

Study: Open Data Produces Twice the Growth of TTIP

Facebook's lab rats

All data is local, as local governments become innovation leaders

Vendors battle for the heart of the contact centre

TTIP Update XXXI - ISDS Consultation [later deadline]

US Limits Software Patents - As EU Boosts Them

MongoDB is a showcase for the power of open source in the enterprise

The EU's 'right to be forgotten' ruling is a problem for businesses too

Enterprise cloud computing - the irreversible trend

Hyper-connected consumers and the new digital divide


Don't bet on social media, mobile, analytics, and the cloud alone

Russia Government Chooses GNU/Linux with Chips

Beware network vendor buzzwords


Where does Windows 8.1 stand with enterprises and users?

What's your cloud future?

Connectivity has brought us the Digital Industry 4.0 revolution

Kerala and Leipzig Move to Free Software on the Desktop

Infosys lands SAP's former CTO, Vishal Sikka, as new CEO

At Last: Microsoft's Anti-Android Patents Made Patent

Salesforce Wear aims to turbo-charge both enterprise and B2B2C wearables markets


Red Hat RHEL 7 - Linux continues its march to the top

Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker are a warning

Here's What's Missing from the 'Technology Manifesto'

Stop the EMA Backsliding on Open Clinical Data [Updated]

Help Labour Get Its Digital Policy Right This Time

Vienna: on the Open Source Path to Munich

Amazon, mobile payments and the power of one-click

Understanding cloud costs gets easier


The connected car as a microcosm of the new threat landscape

Where the bodies are buried - tales from the front line of banking IT

Something Rotten in the State of...Europe: the Unified Patent

Microsoft's China Syndrome

Adoption criteria for mobile enterprise application software

The eBay security breach - more lessons to learn

Avoiding common Oracle licensing pitfalls

Mozilla: Publish and be DRM'd!

What Has the Cabinet Office Got to Hide about Microsoft?

The eBay breach: Big brands can no longer protect their users

Personalised recommendations powered by analytics key to winning digital consumers

Negotiating with Microsoft in June


Cloud: A key feature of the BI and analytics landscape

What is customer success management and why is it important?

Whither Mozilla?

SCM2014: Articulating a new vision for supply chains

Google Glass helps enterprise workers help themselves

Microsoft discovers data ambience

Brazil Proclaims Permissionless Innovation As Fundamental

Making risk assessment less risky for critical infrastructure

Of Software Patents and API Copyrights

Why this is one of the busiest weeks for enterprise software

In the grasp of a mobility, data, and multiplatform-driven future


HP hooks up with Foxcon for volume servers

Software Patents in Denmark: To Be or Not To Be?

Securing mobile development: Nontechnical solutions

IBM announces next generation POWER systems

Sorry, kids: APIs have not and will not kill SOA

SAP CTO Vishal Sikka resigns, what does it mean for SAP customers?


Device manufacturers, profit and the Internet of Things

Key takeaways from IBM's Impact Conference - Day 1

The "give to get" exchange means learning to earn the privilege

Cloud computing enters its second stage - hypergrowth

The Other Side of Openness: Licence Enforcement

Apps are blind - use sensors to make them see

iPhone up, iPad down: What Apple's device mix says about mobile devices


Open Source: Getting Angry, Getting Better

The Conundrum of Big Data

A common denominator for pricing and negotiating Business Intelligence and Analytics software

Digital operations for the digital business


What do business intelligence consultants mean by 'solutions'?

It's not just the size of your PUE, it's what you do with it

Do you have a large customer service team or a small one?

Key lesson from the US Airways #Fail

...and the filters don't work/they just make it worse

Big privacy: The new standard for big data privacy

Testing centre of excellence - what is it for?

The connected car

The Cost of Open Source: the Solution?

The CMO is dead

The Cost of Open Source: the Problem

Oracle Industry Connection 2014: The Retail Angle

Now some IBM customers might have access to cheaper third party software support

Google makes Glass visible to the enterprise

OSI Announces New Board

Windows XP: End of an Era, End of an Error

New Risks From Data Retention Directive

The Age Of The Customer Requires A Shift In Monitoring Focus

Huge EU Win: Data Retention Directive Declared Invalid

Applying desktop virtualisation to improve customer experience

A New Dynamic for Europe

Accelerating the next wave of cloud adoption

Forrester's inaugural software product development services wave

The heart of Bitcoin is still beating - part II

Internal and hosted private cloud adoption in 2013

FFII Lampoons OIN - ROFL

Microsoft: Windows Will Cause Business $500bn of Problems in 2014

Arduino: Open Hardware at 10

Public or private cloud - that is not the question

Big EU Votes on Net Neutrality and Clinical Trials Data

An End-Run Around Your Rights

The end of days for Windows XP and impact on bank ATMs


Parody and Quotation To Be Legalised

WWW: Hope, doubt and debate for the next 25 Years

What's Up with Apache Web Server?

Making Document Freedom Freer

What does Business Intelligence integration with R really mean

Expect a call from your Oracle sales rep

You're mitigating the security vulnerabilities in authentication...

How to build the data centre of the future

Who Speaks For Peer Creators?

TTIP Update XX

Target breach: Vendors, you are not wrestlers

Is a Silicon Valley earthquake turning your company into a software vendor?

Cisco UCS at five years

Managing your mainframe in the new hyper-distributed world

Exploring revenue opportunities within enterprise data


Patent Trolling is an Art

Data Protection, NSA Votes Won; Net Neutrality Next

LibreOffice Gets Fresh and Stable


When too much control is a bad thing

Why healthcare urgently needs certified security professionals

Symantec Challenges Financial Services Security

[Update] Big Votes in European Parliament - Passed

In pursuit of analytics ROI

Now is the time for CIOs to tune in to 3D printing

When OSS Meets MOOC

Internet Governance : engaging the geek community

3D Printing's Next Revolution: Linux

Strategies for negotiating with

Architecting resilience for the always on digital business

How IT consulting is reinventing itself


Apple sets example for supplier responsibility of conflict minerals

The heart of Bitcoin is still beating

IBM SaaS: Heavy on choice - but light on plug and play

Two Extended Consultations, Two Important Opportunities

Oracle vs Rimini Street ruling has significant implications

Surveillance, innovation and user trust

Nokia Android models represent new strategies from Microsoft


Ten million lines of software code and rising

The hidden costs of upgrades

Forrester's top trends for CRM in 2014

Intel bumps up high-end servers with new Xeon E7 V2

Huawei further defines its enterprise business strategy

Stand up for Open Standards - and ODF

Open Standards Still Need Your Vote

Urgent: Please Help Save Net Neutrality in the EU

How good is that BMC or CA end-of-year deal?

Organisations to rapidly ramp up data services spend

GCHQ Tracked Every Visitor To Wikileaks - Including You

Government software asset rationalisation: Not all that glitters is gold

TTIP Update XV

Mobile app developers: Stop capturing unnecessary data before regulators stop you

Uptime's advice to datacentre owners: involve operations from the start

Security's biggest challenge is the unknown

Out of the shadows

Eclipse at 10: Look Who's Getting Eclipsed Now

Copyright: Are EU Institutions Making Fun Of Us?

The digital customer experience consulting gold rush takes off

Take Charities Seriously, Nominet

Is Mozilla Selling Out?

Global Surveillance: The Day We Fight Back

DAM vendors must step up to the plate

Your SaaS data may not be as safe as you think

Private cloud management in 2014

UK Charities second class to domain squatters? A response from Nominet

UK Privacy and Security Inquiry: Call for Evidence

I had a dream... Of a Copyright Reform

Time for Offensive GCHQ to Defend Itself in the Courts

UK Charities Second Class To Domain Squatters


The flaws in UK government drive to improve technology procurement

Service providers and disrupters chase mobile workplace contracts

Last Chance to Submit to EU Copyright Consultation

Mourning Net Neutrality

Government: Doing new with less

Wearables require a new kind of ecosystem

Is ODF Finally Coming to UK Government?

The Forrester Wave: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platforms Q1, 2014

When is Happy Data Protection Day in the EU?

IBM IaaS goes global

EU Consultation on Copyright: Please Respond

Lenovo Buys IBM x86 Server Business

Can Google Glass overcome social stigma?

An Editor In Your Browser

Waiting on the data

Should tablets come with content warnings?


Top trends for customer service in 2014

Seamless retail

Discussions are anything but neutral in US Net neutrality debate

Obama's "Big" Speech on NSA Delivers So Little

Marketing Analytics

IBM is First Mover with Disruptive Flash Memory Technology on New x6 Servers

Mozilla's Biggest Move in 2014: Getting Political

Turn Of The Year: Software Patents

Creative IT and government smokescreens

Networking is a hot mess

Urgent: Help UK Gov To Adopt Real Open Standards


Navigating the legal and audit implications of BYOD initiatives

Microsoft acquires Parature to better position against multichannel customer service vendors

European Parliament's LIBE Stands (Up) for Liberty

Traffic Jam on the Road to Linux in Cars

Wearables 2.0 at CES 2014

Going mobile? Five things to consider

TTIP Update XI

Business technology is not shadow IT spend

The Future Of Digital Experience Technologies

The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2013

Defensive Patent Licence: Nice Idea; Not Much Use

TTIP Update X

More Reasons Never to Trust Microsoft - or US Equipment

TTIP Update IX

Cybersecurity 2014 - human defences hold the key

Cybersecurity 2014 - human defences hold the key

Open Source Genomics

Open source security software


AllSeen's Internet of Things: All-Seeing Too?

You can't outsource responsibility

Linux's New Game: the Internet of Things

Why Mozilla Was Right: GCHQ & NSA Track Cookies

Where Did ODF Disappear to? (And How to Fix it)

An NPfIT, BT and Cerner go-live success?

Open Access: Looking Back, Looking Forwards

"People Problems" stymie CRM initiatives

What's shaping enterprise technology trend in 2014?


Grading our 2013 cloud predictions

Mobile BI - a stealth revolution in information delivery?

Apple's purchase of PrimeSense

Take a lesson from

TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs

What's a phone anyway?

De-fanging Software Patents For GNU GPL'd Code

TTIP Update VI

The end of ICT my friends

Turning Mozilla Thunderbird into a Phoenix

Resisting Surveillance on a Unprecedented Scale III

The IT business case for sustainability

It's time to help EU legislators catch up

Faster, sooner, better: What's changing in agile development?

Resisting Surveillance on a Unprecedented Scale II

Resisting Surveillance on a Unprecedented Scale I

TTIP Update V

Brendan Eich, Mozilla's CTO, on EME and DRM

TTIP Update IV

Behold the Bankruptcy of Software Patents

Help: EU Net Neutrality Consultation Closes Today

Ageing data: The unintended consequences of the data boom

The Coming Chinese Android Invasion

Report Shows EU Procurement Lock-In Unabated

Towards a Post-H.264 World

Is Cisco Open-Sourcing its Code - or Openwashing?

Of Surveillance Debates and Open Clinical Data

Open Clinical Trials: Please Write to Health Minister

Governance, risk management and compliance are not enough on their own

Brazil Grapples with the Problem of Software Patents

Is Mozilla on the Bridge of Khazad - or on the Fence?

Linux Foundation Celebrates with a Quadruple Scotch

Big Money for Big Data

Breaking down VMworld 2013: Barcelona cloud management update

How far apart should my primary and recovery data centres be? Good question!

The Digital Era is upon us

Are cloud platforms saying goodbye to the hypervisor?

ISDS: ACTA by the Back Door?

PC and Mobile: there can only be one industry

Insights from McAfee Focus

Tim Berners-Lee on Why HTML5 "Needs" DRM

IT operations & business strategy: Healing the great divide

The future of IT infrastructure and data centres


Reaching print and document management maturity through a managed print services partnership

Data velocity: Matching the speed of an enterprise's actions

Mopria Alliance - transforming the mobile print experience

NASA flunked its cloud computing audit. Are you next?

The Start of the Counter-Attack Against Hargreaves?

Searching for the government ICT sourcing silver-bullet

Revive your Oracle database consolidation projects

What does Google's Hummingbird project have to do with my search system?

HP rolls out HP OneView

Oracle's customer service portfolio

Time to Fight Against a DRM'd Web - by Forking It

Richard Stallman on the Painful Birth of GNU

Want to join the API economy? Here's how

Richard Stallman on the Hacker Spirit at MIT

Cisco gets ready to fight with storage acquisition

Information Fabric 3.0: The Next Generation Of Data Virtualisation

Business Agility: The Contingent Workforce Paradox

What did the detention of David Miranda achieve?

The Birth of a GNU Era

Mobile workplace services: an ROI case is no alternative to a sound strategy

Get a Grip on those IBM mainframe MLC Costs

European Privacy Lost - and How to Get it Back

Android and the Tesco Effect

Will CyanogenMod Get the Business Blues?

Linux Foundation on the Foundations of Linux

UK Gov's Latest Move on Copyright: Exactly Wrong

Advances in technology allow consumers to "focus their energy"

Net Neutrality under Threat in Europe - Unnecessarily

NSA's Crypto Betrayal: Good News for Open Source?

UK Gov: Smaller, Better, Faster, Stronger...Opener.

Microsoft + Nokia = Dog

Will the Government's cyber-security audits really make a difference?

How Network Neutrality Promotes Innovation

Linus on Linux, 22 - and 5 - Years Later

A New Chapter for Open Source?

Point solutions must die

Non-tech companies emerge as a critical new market for software product development services

Open Source Video Streaming

Startups at BlackHat 2013 that caught the eye

Windows 8+TPM: Germany Warns of 'Loss of Control'

Is India geared up to handle the dynamics of the cyber age?

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Groklaw Shuts Down

Open Source in the UK: Sharing the Fire

Software licensing: How do you eat yours?

The customer/outsourcer relationship: Benchmarking value

Strengthening the link between software sourcing and supplier management

Five common legal & regulatory challenges with social media

The march to mobility

The "Home Security" administrator

TTIP Update II

What's gone wrong with university computer science?

What's gone wrong with university computer science?

Are you doing techie integration or 'business' integration?

Has two decades of outsourcing cut costs at HMRC?

Did You Know that Mozilla is Hijacking the Internet?

Is Apache the Most Important Open Source Project?

Is This Finally the Year of Open China?

Global business and consumer tablet forecast update, 2013 To 2017

Tell Old Pharaoh: Let My Postcodes Go

Cloud management in a hybrid cloud world

Inflection point for managed print and document services

How to succeed with CRM: The critical success factors

For "software-is-the-brand" companies, technology is the supply chain

Infosys reloading

It's time for enterprises to consider Chromebooks

TTIP Update I

Russia to Ban Swearing Online: UK to Follow?

Analytics brings fans closer to the action

Testing Tools Market Landscape: It's all about change (Part 2)

UK Sliding into Something Worse than Censorship

Digital customer experiences: Integration creates optimisation possibilities

Look for opportunities from depreciation of the Rupee

Yet More Security Reasons to Give Microsoft a Miss

EU Kills Net Neutrality, Threatens Online Openness

Systems of Engagement vs Systems of Reference

No, Black Duck, The Sky Is Not Falling

Mozilla Comes under Attack - and of Age

How the Internet of Things could kill non-emergency systems

Academia and industry should work together to train infosecurity graduates

How to get staff through security clearance via G-Cloud

Can You Trust Microsoft With Your Company Secrets?

Deciphering the maze of business intelligence analytics technologies

New Microsoft: Leader again or still fast-follower?

Get ready for BI change

How to estimate cost of BI deployment

Happy Birthday NHS. May your future procurement strategy be bright

HCL injects innovation into next gen product development services

Reshaping ITO Deals - renegotiation without wrecking the relationship

Oracle FY2014 results offer opportunities for sourcing professionals

Agile Keeps It Alive, Vital, and Dynamic

IBM delivers replicable business innovation services across clients

EU Copyright: The Right to Read and the Right to Mine

Urgent: Please Contact MEPs Now for Spying/TAFTA Vote

EU Open Standards: We Want Actions, Not Words

Fragmentation is a way of life, but few new platforms will emerge

Four key questions when buying site search

Legacy? Who's Legacy?

Why infosecurity needs women

Turning the Sow's Ear of Surveillance into a Silk Purse

Clear Thinking Needed in a Cloudy World

Oracle embracess the broader Cloud landscape

GCHQ Revelations Destroy Case for Snooper's Charter

A new service architecture for business innovation

Eliminate IT spend on shelfware

What business can learn from analytics in sport

Download Hosts Withdrawing

Please Help Overturn EU Data Retention Directive

Our keyboard-free computing future

Porn Summit Threatens Britain

Forrester Wave: Public cloud platforms -- the winner is...

How Can Any Company Ever Trust Microsoft Again?

Cloud ghost schools

Prism's existence was not a surprise to everyone

Data Protection Responses To PRISM "A Smokescreen"

How to make sure you don't end up with a Snowden-sized security leak

Did officials exaggerate death of the NPfIT?

Digital Economy Act Lurches On; Public Still Shut Out

Ratcheting DX Platform Heat Up To 11

A new approach for dealing with the software giants

A Big Data view of the Internet of Things

Experience Efficiency 2013 - Schneider Electric positions itself a tech company

Say Hailo to Big Data

Michael Gove and the death of schools computing

How Does Prism Change the Way We See Things?

The cost/quality conundrum: Getting the balance right

Amazon and AWS validate the value of portable identity

A new era in insurance: Cloud computing changes the game

Attend These Digital Rights Events!

What's the Net Net on Neelie Kroes's EU Net Neutrality?

Security standards are too important to be left to governments

How to proactively prepare for Windows 8


Meeting Mr Firefox: Johnathan Nightingale

Open Sourcing the UK's Operating System

BSA Study Demonstrates Open Source's Economic Advantage

The Zombie Bill Is Back

Analytics: Learn from Vegas casinos

Another Reason Why Open Source Wins: Fairness

EU Vote on Clinical Trials Data - Please Contact MEPs Now

Reading Shakespeare: the Next Act of Open Data

Approaching the cyberwar precipice

The Spreadsheet and BYOD anarchy

Why We Need Open Source: Three Cautionary Tales

Why are Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle Backing the Fight *Against* the Blind?

The Importance of Being Attributed

Happy 10th Anniversary, Groklaw

FRAND Is Broken: Time To Bin It [Updated]

Open Data, Creative Destruction and Money

Beating the biometric fraudsters

Why bother benchmarking?

BMC Software goes private - what it means for users

Bringing big data to fraud management

Why the Idea of the Software Patent Does Not Fly

EU Consultations: A Modest Proposal

The Most Dangerous Windows Infection of All

BYOD in schools: Knocking loudly on the door

Open Source (Seeds) Under Threat

Life-Saving from Race-Winning IoT Technology

Zombie Problem: Stop Dancing On The Grave

Bridge over the troubled waters: The EU skills gap

Benefit Claimants Must Use Ancient Microsoft Software

The Free, Open Web: 20 Years of RF Licensing

Governments risk fragmentating cyber-security strategy

Samsung Galaxy S4: Why it is important for fraud management professionals

European Commission Replies to My IPRED Letter

Collaborate with your non-security peers to see how objectives intersect

Technical Baccalaureate: It might actually work

So Capita gets ITIL but will people finally 'get' ITIL?

Gartner: CRM should be about earning customers for life