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A common denominator for pricing and negotiating Business Intelligence and Analytics software

Starting point for getting a good deal

BI and analytics software packaging and pricing are a Wild West with few common practices among the vendors. Comparing and contrasting vendor prices and negotiating with vendors is challenging because Few vendors publish list prices, so when a vendor tells...

Tags: analytics, applications, business intelligence, software, vendor management

What do business intelligence consultants mean by 'solutions'?

Cutting through the jargon, in search of ROI

Management consultants and business intelligence, analytics and big data system integrations often use the terms accelerators, blueprints, solutions, frameworks, and products to show off their industry and business domain (sales, marketing, finance, HR, etc) expertise, experience and specialization. Unfortunately, they...

Tags: analytics, applications, big data, business intelligence, consultants, forrester, professional services, system integrators

Do you have a large customer service team or a small one?

Start here to choose the right vendor solution

How do you start to narrow your choices when you are looking for the right customer service solution for your group. Start by asking whether your team is large or small, and whether your needs are primarily phone based, or...

Tags: applications, crm, crm. applications, customer experience, customer service, forrester

What does Business Intelligence integration with R really mean

Do the BI vendors' claims really stack up?

“A little prediction goes a long way” wrote Eric Siegel in his popular Predictive Analytics book. True, predictive analytics is now part and parcel of most Business Intelligence (BI), analytics and Big Data platforms and applications. Forrester Research anecdotal evidence...

Tags: analytics, big data, business intelligence, forrester, predictive analytics, r

Forrester's top trends for CRM in 2014

CRM evolution will speed up thanks to mobile

I'm moving into covering the greater CRM space, yet still retaining a deep focus on customer service technologies. Now-retired analyst extraordinaire, William Band and I put together our top trends for CRM in 2014. These trends are all about leveraging...

Tags: applications, crm, crm deployment, forrester

Mobile app developers: Stop capturing unnecessary data before regulators stop you

There is no excuse. Best practice has been established

The findings presented in an article by Computerwoche, ComputerWorldUK's German sister publication on Feb 11, 2014, are a forceful reminder that messages about excessive data capture via mobile apps seem to have gone unheeded so far. As reported, tests by...

Tags: contextual privacy, data privacy, eu data protection, forrester, it business, mobile, mobile & wireless, mobile advertising, mobile apps, privacy

The digital customer experience consulting gold rush takes off

It is still difficult to source and implement the strategies and technologies you need

Want more evidence that companies are realising that digital customer experience is essential to survive and thrive in the Age of the Customer? Look no further than the recent IBM Connect conference in Orlando. Bridget van Kralingen, the senior VP...

Tags: age of the customer, applications, digital customer experience, digital customer experience strategy, digital disruption, digital disruption readiness, forrester, ibm, it management, wcm wem cms dx

DAM vendors must step up to the plate

Digital experience tools psoe challenge to traditional suppliers

Historically, digital asset management (DAM) has been a niche technology compared with other components of enterprise content management (ECM) and digital experience technology. This has changed dramatically over the last few years as many organisations are using DAM solutions to...

Tags: applications, digital asset management, forrester

Top trends for customer service in 2014

Reliable data at the right time has never been more important

In the Age Of The Customer, executives don’t decide how customer-centric their companies are - customers. In an attempt to move the needle on customer service operations, in order to keep customers satisfied and loyal to your brand, these are...

Tags: agent experience is no longer an afterthought, applications, bpm tools, customer, engage, forrester, forrester, forrsights networks, it, kate leggett, knowledge, kpis, mobile-first mindset, omnichannel, operationalise insights, optimised, organisations, outbound, proactive, productivity, saas solutions, saassolutions, standardise, telecommunications, will power

Microsoft acquires Parature to better position against multichannel customer service vendors

Best of breed vendors likely to struggle as consolidation proceeds

Microsoft has announced its intentions to purchase Parature for a reported $100M. This event is a good thing all around. Net, net, it plugs some holes in the MS Dynamics CRM product, and gives Parature, a 13 year old company,...