Mobile's next era: Not apps, not websites but experiences

I was fortunate last week to attend a presentation by James Whittaker in which he delivered his view on the next era of computing. This was one of the best presentations I’ve seen, because the content was presented in a compelling manner that created an outstanding overall experience. I point this out because it parallels James’ message: The future of computing isn’t apps or a collection of websites, but experiences delivered across an ecosystem of devices.

I absolutely agree with his vision and am excited about the possibilities ahead. The pertinent question is then: How can enterprises adjust today’s behaviors to best prepare for this future? Let’s take a look at some of the key points of Whittaker’s talk and how we can take action on them today:

This is a pivotal time in our industry that is not without challenge, but these challenges offer incredible opportunity for both brands and client engagement with those brands. These are challenges that I can’t wait to help solve, so if you want to discuss or have thoughts on this, please reach out to me on Twitter (@ASocialFace) or by email.

Posted by Michael Facemire

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